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Medical Freedom for Every Texan

The Foundation for an Informed Texas (FIT) extends educational program dedicated to rural Texans to cable television, the first dedicated to education regarding medical cannabis in Texas. The issue of medical cannabis is an important one to many rural Texans whose livelihoods depend on physical labor. Pain and inflammation are symptoms that are effectively treated by medical cannabis. The current medical regiment for these conditions are opioids and over-the-counter medication—both of which present dangerous side effects.

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Medical Freedom for Every Texan

Native Texan discusses how medical cannabis administered in a legal state improved his quality of life. After years of physical labor, he sustained repetitive stress injuries resulting in multiple surgeries. The prescriptions he was given to manage his pain came with many side effects and over time lost their efficacy. That was when he decided to research medical cannabis. Cannabis has meant being able to stay productive and active, something not possible with his previous prescriptions’ side effects.

Know Where Your Legislator Stands on Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is effective for treating a number of debilitating conditions. States with access to medical cannabis show a 25% drop in opioid overdose mortality rates. However, medical cannabis is not legal for virtually all Texans; approximately .005 percent of Texans could qualify for access under the current Texas law. Only one condition is served by the Texas Compassionate Use program, which also limits the plant’s therapeutic value and how specialists are allowed to prescribe to patients.  

Medical cannabis is not legal for most Texans. Every Texan should be able to choose a remedy that works for them. You can find out more about the limited cannabis medical program in Texas here.