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April 26, 2021

87th Lege: Bill Updates

The 87th Texas Legislature only has 4 weeks left in the regular session. Dozens of marijuana-related bills​ have been introduced, including proposals to expand access to medical cannabis, reduce penalties for possession of cannabis flower and THC concentrates, create a regulated cannabis market, perfect the Texas Hemp Program and more. Here is an update on what bill are on the move and what they do. Review the full list of bills and other details.
April 30, 2021

Three Bills Advance to the Senate!

It has been a very busy week for marijuana law reform at the Texas State Capitol Building. One bill is making its way through the Senate, three bills were voted out of the House, and others are moving through the process on the House side. Here is where we stand: Wednesday: HB 2593 passed the Texas House by a vote of 108 to 33. HB 2593, authored by Speaker Pro Tempore Joe Moody, would reduce possession of 2oz of THC concentrates from a felony to a class B misdemeanor. It now heads to the Senate where the Lt Gov will assign it to a committee.  Thursday: HB 1535 passed the Texas House by a vote of 134 to 12. As amended, this legislation would add Cancer, […]
May 7, 2021

87th Legislature: Process Overview and Bill Updates

With only 24 days left in the Legislative Session, 11 bills are currently on the move, one of which has been sent to the Governor’s desk! Four bills have advanced from the Texas House to the Texas Senate and are awaiting referral to Senate committees, and an additional bill should be voted out of the House this weekend to join the others in the Senate. Five additional bills are in House Calendar Committee hoping to be scheduled before the deadline for bills to get out of the House. Learn more about the Legislative Process and How a Bill Becomes a Law in Texas. Full list of filed bills can be found here.  Do you want to take action to support advancing legislation? Ask the Lt Gov and […]
May 15, 2021

Penalty Reduction and Hemp Hearings Scheduled in the Senate

With 15 days left in the session, several bills are still making their way through the process! MONDAY: HB 2593, authored by Speaker Pro Tempore Joe Moody, would reduce possession of two ounces or less of THC concentrate or cannabis infused products from a felony to a Class B Misdemeanor. THC concentrates include oils used in vape pens, tinctures, or infused lotions. Infused edible products like baked goods or lozenges are also included in this penalty group.  Arrests will be up to officer discretion. This bill is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, May 17th in the Senate State Affairs Committee.  Take Action:  Share your support for HB 2593 with committee members. Submit in your written testimony. Please be thoughtful and stay on the topic of […]